Since 1983 the Gemeiner Academy has been offering high quality training in self defence and martial arts for men, women, and teenagers. The Academy currently provides the opportunity to discover the many benefits of training in the traditional European martial arts .

Programs on offer at the Academy include

: Savate self-defence ( Defense dans la Rue)

: Savate- kickboxing

: Savate- weaponry

Women’s self defence

: Fencing Private lessons only

Because our classes are taught with a western mindset new members find the lessons easy to follow and enjoyable.

 Our introductory classes provide beginners with the opportunity to train with ‘experienced’ instructors who take the time to explain the HOW, WHY, and WHEN of the skills they will be taught.

Gemeiner Academy members have competed at regional, state, national and international level. Our teaching and training curriculums, as touched on in several of our educational DVDs have been adopted, to varying degrees, by a number of individuals and martial arts clubs world-wide.

The programs available at the Academy are very accessible to people who have no self-defence or Martial arts background while at the same time continuously challenging students who have completed prior courses at the Academy. To ensure optimal training outcomes we specialize in private and small group classes.

If you are a past or current student in the Oriental martial arts and looking to try something with a European flavour then we have something to offer you.

The Academy director Craig Gemeiner has over 35  years of continues experience in the martial arts and a teaching background that spans close to three  decades. He has taught and demonstrated Savate & associated disciplines in Milan, Tokyo, Los Angeles, Houston , New York, New Zealand  &  London.

For more information

Contact The Academy Head coach :   Craig Gemeiner