2005 Tokyo, Japan



While attending a class at the Daito Ryu aiki ju jutsu school in Tokyo, Japan Craig Gemeiner was requested to give a talk and display on ‘la canne Vigny’ and ‘Defense dans la rue’.

For the most part the demonstration focused on the prime traditional skill sets that form the frame work of DDLR.

First up the old school method of la boxe Anglaise was covered and included a quick break down of the fencing guard structure and its use as a platform from which to launch the straight lead.

Counters to the straight lead included a demonstrations of the traditional ‘side step’ and ‘slip’ along with their cross over application using le couteau (knife).

Another counter demonstrated against the lead punch was the straight arm guard (found in Leboucher’s manual on

French boxing and Walker’s “Defensive exercises) and its use to open up the enemy’s mid line and flanks.

Shift punching as a follow up from the straight arm guard was next and this continued with a short display of street kicking and the use of arm extensions to open and close the body in attack and recovery.

Craig also had time to touch on the application of the jacket and canne as prescribed by Andre and Renaud.

The meeting resulted in a positive cultural exchange and appreciation of Japanese and European martial arts.Several of the Japanese students have a keen interest in la canne Vigny and have written articles on the subject for Japanese martial arts magazine.