La Canne Vigny Grading


Long time savate practitioner and assistant coach at the Gemeiner Academy, Jon Dye recently tested for his advance instructors grade in la canne Vigny.

The grading began with Jon presenting a 15 minute talk covering the history and development of the Vigny system prior to moving into a stick stretching routine. Designed to increase joint mobility , exercises began at the rotator cuff then switched to selected articulations of the body.

While anyone can swing a stick not everyone can coach and produce students of a high standard. Jon was expected to display qualities and characteristics of a seasoned coach. Communication and observational skills along with motivating and manipulating groups of students, with the goal to bring out the very best in each individual, was required. Prerequisites prior to Jon’s grading included completion of a martial arts industry certificate, knowledge of basic anatomy and completion of a two thousand word essay covering the history of la canne Vigny system.

Jon first introduced students to the Vigny cane method by way of closed skills. Working with a partner the group focused on by rote application of cuts and their respective guards. After successful skill acquisition students began to experience a more open skill training format. Cuts were answered with guards and ripostes from a number of angles. Combinations were covered along with compound attacks and various drills to facilitate problem solving amongst the students

After 2 hours of teaching it was time for Jon to put aside the role of coach and assume the role of fighter .Full contact la canne bouts against a number of instructors, monitors and enthusiastic students saw Jon actively sparring non stop for a total of 10 round lasting 3minutes each in duration.

Upon completion of the examination Jon had successfully passed both the theoretical and practical components of the la canne Vigny level-2 coaching licence.

Full credit to Jon for putting in an outstanding effort and displaying top quality coaching and la canne skills.