Savate Self Defence

Available to adults ~ 18 years and over ~

Defense dans la Rue

Defense dans la Rue, the traditional French method of self-defence using pragmatic training methodologies tailored towards the contemporary self-defence practitioner.



Today Defense dans la Rue ( also called Savate -self defence) is practised as a modern self-defence system based on the following time tested skills:

  • Savate- French kicking techniques
  • English boxing- both gloved and bare knuckle varieties
  •  Lutte – close quarter grappling for control & restraint options
  • Weapon application and defensive tactics
  • Open hand strikes and close quarter skills
  • Ground fighting / defence-  for control & restraint options or breakaway and escape contingencies.

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Practiced in a positive and motivating training environment our classes will assist in preparing you in the event that you should ever be threatened. To ensure optimal training outcomes we specialize in private and small group classes.

Subjects covered in our classes include:

  • Threat assessment
  • Body language characteristics
  • Effective unarmed skills
  • Weapon defence
  • Body hold counters
  • Fighting multiple opponents
  • Weaponry improvisation
  • Fighting from positions of disadvantage
  • Pre-conflict & post – conflict management skills

and much more


Our Defense dans la Rue instructor has completed:

  • Certificate II in Sport & Recreation
  • General Principles of Coaching – Level II
  • Senior First Aid
  • Over 35 years of continues training , study & research