Australian Savate Open 2018 Registration


All entrants must register to compete.
To register, you must complete and submit the Registration Form-Waiver (see the link below) along with the entry fee by midnight on Wednesday 31 October 2018 (Australian Standard Eastern time).

Registration Form-Waiver :
Australian Savate Open 2018_Registration Form-Waiver

Email Registration Form-Waiver to :

Entry fee:

Entrants:                                         $30
Coaches and spectators:               $15

Entry fee payable to :



Bouts will be in ‘Assaut’ form (i.e. light contact) under the international rules of the Federation Internationale de Savate.

All decisions of the Delegate Official are final.

Entrants will compete on mats.

Entrants will be allocated to competition pools according to their weight and level of experience. Each entrant will compete in 2 or 3 bouts in their pool (depending on their win/loss ratio). The number of times an entrant wins in their pool will determine whether they progress to the finals.

Weight categories containing too few entrants will be merged with other categories to ensure every entrant receives at least 2 bouts.


Entrants may only compete in savate boots or soft-soled wrestling boots. Entrants cannot compete barefoot, and cannot compete wearing boots with heels, spikes, rough sections or hard edges. The Delegate Official’s decisions about whether footwear is acceptable are final.

Entrants may only compete in savate-style pantalons, a savate-style integrale or otherwise suitable clean track suit trousers.
Entrants cannot compete in long pants with zippers, or that are marked with material reasonably likely to be objectionable or offensive.
Entrants cannot compete in shorts.

Entrants may only compete in a shirt or singlet of the colour corresponding to the corner to which they are allocated. Corners will be blue or red, so it is recommended each entrant bring a top of each colour (or a reversible top of both colours).

Entrants may not compete in tops marked with material reasonably likely to be objectionable or offensive.

Boxing gloves:
Entrants may only compete using boxing gloves that are in good condition.
Gloves may be of the laced or velcro-strapped varieties.
Entrants must wear the appropriate weight of glove for their bodyweight:

Entrants weighing less than 60kg:            8 ounces or more
Entrants weighing from 60kg to 74kg:      10 ounces or more
Entrants weighing from 75kg to 84kg:      12 ounces or more
Entrants weighing 85kg or more:              14 ounces or more

Protective equipment:
Entrants may only compete while wearing a mouthguard, shin pads (of a soft-shelled material no thicker than 1.5cm, covering the front of the shin, and not the instep, only) and groin cup.
Female entrants may only compete while wearing a chest guard.
Entrants may compete wearing a head guard if desired.

Entrants may not compete while wearing jewellery of any kind.
Entrants’ equipment will be checked for compliance with the above before each bout.

Each entrant who has not competed in a Savate competition must attend a Savate seminar at the competition venue at 10:00am (Australian Standard Eastern Time) on the competition day. Coaches and spectators may also attend if desired.
At the seminar, entrants will be introduced to basic techniques and rules of Savate competition.
For entrants, the cost of the seminar is included in the entry fee for the competition. For coaches and spectators, there will be an additional $15.00AU fee to attend the seminar.

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