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SPORTACCORD 2019 Gold Coast / Australia

Savate and Canne de Combat demonstrations at the ‘United Through Youth’
-‘Gold Coast Sport Festival’ under the patronage of the International Olympic Committe.
SPORTACCORD 2019 Gold Coast/Australia





La canne grading 2019

Congratulations to both Damien Martin and Geordie Lavers-McBain for passing the pommeau bleu ( blue pommel grade) in la canne Francaise. The focus was on the correct delivery of the six coups or strikes along the corresponding 6 parades, parry ripostes, combinations, footwork and assaut. Well done lads. Gemeiner Savate Academy , Southern Cross Martial arts Ballarat, Black Dragon Kai Beaudesert. Savate Australia.



La canne Grading 2019

Pushing La canne in Australia.
Well done Justin Thomas Jones -Head coach of  Kali Fusion Alliance for successfully passing the practical requirements for Pommeau Bleu ( Blue Pommel grade ) in La canne Française in acordance with the technical progression of the Gemeiner Academy of Savate .


Australian Savate Open Comp 2018

Thank you to all the competitors, officials and supporters who attended the Australian Savate Open  held 18th November on the Gold Coast.  Special thank you to Norihisa Watanabe who travelled from Tokyo in order to referee all bouts and supervise the smooth running of the competition- you are a great ambassador for Savate.
Congratulations to the competitors who kept their word and attended the competition, you were amazing, and impressed everyone in attendance with your skills.
Thanks to Damien Martin for allowing us to hold the competition at his impressive Dojo – Southern Cross Martial Arts Helensvale.
< Medal results >
Graham Thorn – Gold
Richard Bradfield – Silver
Dylan Mauger – Bronze


The Gemeiner Academy of Savate is the official Australian representative to the Federation International de Savate (FISav)- Savate’s world governing body.

Australia - Certificate of Affiliation 2018 - Provisional-1.jpg


Fun and games teaching various aspects of La canne to visiting GLECA Fencing instructor Jay Mackley.  September 2018



World Expo 1988 – Brisbane,  Australia

This year, 2018, marks the 30th anniversary of World Expo held in Brisbane (Australia) back in 1988, the event also coincided with the Bicentennial celebrations of the European settlement of Australia- and Savate Australia was involved!
During World Expo 88, members of the Gemeiner Savate Academy provided a number of Savate -French boxing, La canne and Baton displays on behalf of the French Pavilion representing Expo 88. It was very exciting to be part the entertainment of World Expo 88 which included both national and international artists along with international theatre, opera, and classical music. Our little group were equally proud to represent Savate -French boxing at such a prestigious event which attracted on average 100,000 visitors a day and a total of 15,760,00 visitors throughout the event. We met and made some great friends from France during the 6months of World Expo 88 including the official French delegation, management and workers from the French pavilion who always looked after us during our rest periods between Savate displays.
World Expo 88 was included as one of 15 ‘Defining Moments’ by Q150 Icons which is an official list of cultural icons compiled as part of 150th birthday of Queensland by the Government of Queensland, Australia.



Seminar for the officials of Australian Savate Open Comp 2018

Introduction to Savate judging and refereeing, held on the Gold Coast, Australia, at Southern Cross Martial Arts, August 2018
Well done to everyone who attended.


Green Glove Grading 2018

Well done to Damien Martin ( Chief instructor- Southern Cross Martial Arts) for testing and passing his Green Glove ( Gant Vert) grade in Savate-French boxing. Always the surprise package, Damien put in a really good effort after two years training in Savate.



2018 Tokyo Open Savate Competition

Once again good results from the  Australian competitors ( who were all Gemeiner Savate Academy members ) for winning medals at the 2018 Tokyo Open Savate Competition.

Per -Bronze medal

Craig – Gold medal












Tokyo Savate Open Seminar April 2018

Attendees from Singapore, Australia and Japan being taught the latest updates to Savate  judging and refereeing. Seminar given by Norihisa Watanabe, Tokyo, Japan.

Green Glove Grading 2017

Big congratulations to Geordie Lavers-McBain who tested for and successfully passed his Gant Vert (Green Glove) grade in Savate- French boxing. Geordie put in additional training leading up to his testing and it certainly payed off. Well done mate, and we look forward to you testing again in the not too distant future.



Blue Glove Grading 2017

Congratulations to Academy member Jai Kuzis for successfully passing his Blue Glove grade in Savate- French boxing . Jai started training in Savate 2016 and supplements his weekly sessions at home with his father, the extra training is paying of as his Savate skills and sparring are steadily improving. At the Academy we use the French Savate Federation grading syllabus so as to maintain accuracy and authenticity.




2017 Tokyo Open Savate Competition – Magazine write up

A write up in Blitz Australasian Martial Arts Magazine about Australia’s success at the 2017 Savate Tokyo Open Competition.


2017 Tokyo Open Savate Competition

Good results for the Gemeiner Savate Academy members who attended the 2017 Tokyo Open Savate Competition.
Graham – Silver medal
Craig – Gold medal

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Green Glove Grading – 2017

Congratulations to Academy member Per for passing his Green Glove in Savate. Since passing his Blue Glove almost 12 months ago Per has been attending regular classes in Savate along with dabbling in Defense dans la Rue for the past year, so this is a Savate grade that is well deserved.



Silver Glove Grading –  2016

A big congratulations to Savate instructor Graham Thorn for testing and passing his ‘Gant d’ Argent Technique 1 Degre’ (Technical Silver Glove 1st Degree) in Boxe Française. As part of his grading Graham was required to complete 15 rounds of ‘enchaînements ‘ ( Savate combinations) followed by 6 rounds of themed assaut and 2 rounds of open assaut. With 21 years training in Savate and international competition experience behind him Graham displayed a high degree of understanding regarding Savate techniques and tactics. Outstanding job Graham.



Blue glove grade 2016

Big shout out and congratulations to both Geordie Lavers-McBain and Damien Martin on successfully passing their Blue glove grade in Savate.
Always a pleasure to coach both these gentlemen.


Great catching up with Stuart McDonald after our last meet 10 years ago. Stu completed 2hours intensive Savate & La canne training while visiting the Gold Coast and comprehended the skills very well. Keep at it mate and hope to see you again for more training.


Savate Grading  – January 2016

Congratulations to Academy member Per for passing his ‘Gant Bleu’ (Blue Glove) grade in Savate. Per has been training with us for 6 months attending both our Monday and Wednesday night Savate sessions. As a result of Per’s commitment to training he has lost 9 KGs in weight and increased his fitness levels way beyond when he first started training at the Gold Coast PCYC- well done mate.


Silver Glove Grading -2015

During August 2015 Academy member Richard B successful passed his Silver Glove grade (Gant d’ Argent Technique 1) in la boxe Française Savate. Richard has been a long time practitioner of Savate (11 years in total) and includes in his credentials a level -2 La canne Vigny teaching licence and is also a practitioner of Defense dans la Rue. As part of his grading Richard was required to successfully pass 18 specific ‘enchainements’ along with 8 rounds of themed and open assaut- sparring . Richard spent 12months preparing for his grading and it paid off, well done Richard.


Our Catch Wrestling Study Group  May 2015

 8 12

15 17 19

24   2   4

Students demonstrating Savate skills at the Gold Coast PCYC open day. Our Savate club has been a proud member of the Gold Coast PCYC since 1988. March 2015



10013094_940613789283605_3068614637453679481_nThis photo copyright Gold Coast PCYC.

Congratulations to Academy student Jay M for recently passing his Gant Bleu (Blue Glove) grading in Savate-kickboxing under the French Savate syllabus. Jay put in a big effort several weeks prior to the grading focusing on technique and extension of kicking skills.




Academy Student Dan Bazzana testing and successfully passing his green glove grade in La Boxe Française / Savate- kickboxing.



Congratulations to long time Savate student Richard B for recently passing his yellow glove grade in Savate –kickboxing. The grading was held under the requirements of the French Savate federation curriculum.

Assisted by Dan Bazzana this particular grading was based on the technical and tactical application of feints at a very advanced level. Categories included feints of technique, feints of arme, feints of target and feints of trajectory. This was followed by seven rounds of sparring in which Richard was required to tie-in all the skills he had demonstrated previously. After two hours of testing Richard had achieved a very high score in passing his grade.

We look forward to Richard testing for his next grade of silver glove in the not too distant future. September 2012

Congratulations to Gemeiner Academy student and Gold Coast PCYC wrestling member Daniel Bazzana for taking 2nd place in the 2012 Q.L.D state wrestling championship.  April 2012

Gemeiner Academy student Daniel Bazzana successfully testing for his blue glove grade in Savate- French boxing. September- 2011

Damien Barfucci, ex junior Golden Gloves champion enjoying Savate training with his coach in preparation for Savate competitions in 2010.

Chasse bas

Nadiege avoids Damien’s revers figure


Savate Invitational Assaut Competition

March 22, 2009

Gemeiner academy students successfully competing at the 2009 Savate Invitational Competition.

Connor Van Vuuren – 1st place

Garrick Olislagers – 3rd place

Kristopher  Boveinis



‘Matraque’- truncheon & small stick training.  2009

Defense dans la Rue class








Nathaniel Buchanan-La canne Vigny  instructor , level-2 testing . 2008

The Australian team competing at the World Savate Championships, September 19th & 20th 2008, Paris.

Yasuko Gemeiner

2008_Paris_World Assaut Championship- (31)

Craig Gemeiner

2008_Paris_World Assaut Championship- (19).5

Ben Writer


Long time Academy member, Dale C recently celebrated his 48 birthday by sparring 10 continuous rounds with members of the Australian Savate team. Dale kept everyone on their toes with his aggressive walk up style of fighting.

Many thanks to Graham Thorn for his assistance in preparing the Australian team for the World Savate championship in Paris – September 2008 –

Graham and Ben

Graham and Yasuko

Graham and Craig

‘Defense dans la rue’ instructors ,and senior students, filming a training session for the upcoming presentation of Pete Kutz’s ‘Modern Knives’ DVD mag. July 2008


Chasse bas -method Lecour


Le combat a terre

Le coup de poing en sautant  , Boxe Anglaise -classique

Hooding and take down

Hooding and knee strike

Graham Thorn, finalist in the 2000 Savate World Championships, teaching a savate class at the academy. June 2008


Academy Savate kickboxing grading .May 2008


 Academy students Kris (L) and Ben (R) passing a ” Gant” grading in Savate – Kickboxing.

 Academy Sport Savate Grading ’07

picture-0065.jpg  picture-0085.jpg  picture-0155.jpg

Jon Dye – la canne Vigny  instructor, level -2  testing. 2006



Craig G testing for his Gant d’ Argent Technique 1 / Silver Glove grade 2005. The judging panel consisted of Former French Savate champion  Franck Morin, World Savate champion Mari Hara & Japan Savate Federation president Liu Kubota.







2001  “Q” ,one of many Japanese students to visit and train at the Academy.

1991 Academy students training in Savate self-defence class

1988 Acdemy student Patric Gillard (right) defeating Australian kickboxing champion in  non title fight.

1988 Academy student Steve Gough( left) winning a regional kickboxing title