People we have trained with

We have been privileged to have trained in a class or seminar  with the following individuals –


Congratulations to Maitre d’ Armes Michel. A. O’Brien for organising and running a Coaches Course to the highest standards that one would expect of a National Fencing Academy.  Peter Crease representing QFA and AFF awarded the O’Brien Academy certificates giving official recognition to the course and confirmed that with the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) our coaching courses would be acceptable alternatives.

Mike has also sourced the right people with the right expertise to orchestrate the resurgence / revival / renaissance of what he originally created back in 1963 as Australia’s first National Fencing Coaches Academy – the Australian Academy of Fencing.

Two members from the Gemeiner Academy received Entraineur, Prevot Maitre & Maitre D Armes diplomas on the course. – Brisbane, Australia 2016

The O’Brien Academy of Fencing


Australian technical wrestling coach Konstantin Ermakovich providing a 5 hour wrestling seminar for locally based students and instructors. Special thanks to Geordie Lavers-McBain and Jessica Lavers-McBain for their very kind hospitality during what was an excellent day of training. -Gold Coast, Australia 2015


A week of training at one of the world’s premier  Catch-as Catch-Can  wrestling clubs, UWF Snake Pit Japan. – Tokyo , May and November  2014

The Snake Pit Japan Catch wrestling club was established in 1999 by Billy Robinson and Miyato –san where Mr Robinson taught for 10 years as the head coach.
UWF Snake Pit Japan

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Visiting French Savate instructor Gabriel Solignac teaching a Savate-kickboxing class at the Gemeiner Academy. –  February 2014


A great week of training and learning under Billy Robinson at Miyato-san’s Snake Pit Japan- Catch as Catch Can wrestling club. Tokyo September  2012

 Training with Mr. Miyato, Snake Pit Japan – UWF Catch as Catch Can wrestling, Tokyo 2011

Training with James Farthing & Phil Dixon, self defence & weaponry.  UK 2010

Training with Terry Brown, English bare-fist fighting. UK 2010

Training with Clint Sporman, All in Fighting.  USA 2010

Training with Ralph Grasso, All in Fighting & weaponry. USA 2010

Training with Mr Miyato , Snake Pit Gym  – Catch as Catch Can Wrestling. Japan 2010

Training with Graham Thorn, Savate. Australia 2009

Training with Cédric Vilella , Savate. Australia 2009

Training with Richard Dimitri, self defense. Australia 2009

Training with Franck Morin- former French champion , Savate. Japan 2007

Training with Cédric Vilella, Savate. Australia 2006

Training with Manuel Tardis – former French champion, Savate. Japan 2005

Training with Franck Morin – former French champion, Savate & Savate- Defense. Australia 2005

Training with Sébastien Alexis Gautherie- former world and European champion, Savate . Australia 2004

Training with Japanese Jukendo Federation. Japan 2003


Meeting with FIS representaives , Richard Sylla , Eric Quequet and Micheal Leroux . France 2002

Treaining with Eric Quequet , Savate- Defense. France 2002

Training with John Clements, Western swordsmanship. USA 1999 & 2000

Training with Nicolas Saignac-former French champion, Savate. USA 1995