HEMA History Alive 2019
Brisbane – Australia,  June 2019

Members of Gemeiner Academy of Savate,  Savate Australia, giving a demonstration and workshop in la canne ( canne de combat).




Canne de Combat Seminar,
Brisbane – Australia, September 2019 

Great fun teaching a 3 hour Canne de Combat class at the most excellent 2019 Swordplay event.  Our Canne group consisted of 16 of the nicest people you could meet and ‘wow’  they were enthusiastic.





Vigny La canne  & Defense dans la Rue Seminar,
Toowoomba – Australia, February 2019

Big shout out to instructors and students from the Toowoomba based ‘The Historical School of Defence’ for showing great enthusiasm and determination during the six hour Street Savate- Defense dans la Rue and La canne Vigny seminar held Sunday 24th February 2019. Gemeiner Academy of Savate. Savate Australia

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La canne Workshop,
Brisbane – Australia,  September 2018

Thanks to promoter Shay McAulay for allowing me to hold a La canne workshop on the third day of the most excellent ‘Swordplay’ event in Brisbane. 15 people attended our La canne workshop and showed loads of talent , well done everyone.


La canne Seminar held at Southern Cross Martial Arts
Gold Coast –  Australia, 2016

It was awesome coaching La canne to such enthusiastic people the Southern Cross Martial Arts Dojo. Everyone gave 110 percent and really seem to be enjoying themselves during the 2 hours of training.




Wollongong Savate & La canne Seminar
Wollongong – Australia, 2015

Savate coach Craig Gemeiner recently held a four hour Savate and La canne seminar for students and instructors representing Wollongong based clubs Southern MMA- Wrestling-Kickboxing & Black Diamond Boxing, MMA, Fitness. The emphasis of the four hour seminar was to introduce attendees to the finer details of Savate kickboxing skills and combinations. Throughout the training a number of Savate related attribute drills covering footwork, timing, distance, and perception along with the tactical fighting aspects of French kickboxing were covered. Towards the end of the day participants focused on fine tuning the skills they had covered in preparation for testing for the first grade in Savate – Gant Bleu/ Blue Glove.

For the final hour of the seminar participants were introduced to the energetic and fast moving system of French stick fighting called La canne. The response to the seminar was positive with talk of instructors introducing Savate into their curriculum and sponsoring more seminars in the future. Special thanks to Terry Williams of Southern MMA – Wrestling & Kickboxing for organizing the event.

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Gold Coast Stunt Group
Gold Coast – Australia, 2015

Craig G training members of Gold Coast’s premier stunt group in La canne and sabre for preparation of auditions and appearances in the next instalment of the Pirates of the Caribbean movie.




Sydney Savate seminars
Sydney – Australia 2013

Savate coach Craig Gemeiner taught seminars at Power Core MMA and Igor MMA during a trip to Sydney recently. Both classes covered Savate – kickboxing as currently practised in France today. Students and instructors were introduced to the foundations of Savate which included “deplacement”, or foot work skills to either cut off the opponent’s avenue of escape or out manuover him. This was followed by technique training covering the fouette bas ( low round kick) and chasse bas ( low front kick & side kick at the leg ), commonly used in Savate competition these kicks are becoming more popular for the top level MMA fighter. Next “enchainements” or chained foot-hand combinations were taught and together with footwork provided an insight into how Savate fighters flow between the sports three ranges of stand- up striking.

Finally, Coach Gemeiner taught the Savate approach to using Thai pads by taking each participant through a several rounds whilst merging all the skills covered in seminar.

Special thanks to Coach Rahneer from Powercore MMA and Coach Scott from Igor MMA for hosting the seminars.


Savate- kickboxing training
Sydney – Australia, 2011

Craig Gemeiner and fellow Savate instructor Graham Thorn  teaching at one of Sydney’s leading Thai boxing and MMA clubs- VT-1. Among those attending the Savate class included instructors and VT-1 owners Liam Resnekov, a multi time Judo and grappling champion and Dylan Resnekov, world Mauy Thai champion, along with several VT-1 coaches. A great training session was had by all.

Savate-Defense dans la Rue class
USA, 2010

la canne Vigny & Savate-Defense dans la Rue class,
UK, 2010

La canne V
igny  Seminar,
Gold Coast – Australia, 2009








La canne Vigny Lecture and Demonstration – Japan Savate Club,
Tokyo – Japan,  2008


Savate-kickboxing Demonstration – PCYC Gold Coast
Gold Coast -Australia, 2008




La canne Vigny  Seminar – Brisbane, 2006

Savate, Defense dans la Rue, la canne  Vigny and French baton ( Joinville method) Seminar,
Sydney – Australia, 2006





French baton  (Joinville method) seminar,
Canberra – Australia, 2005

La canne Vigny  Demonstration & Lecture – Tokyo, Japan 2005

Savate Seminar (Defense dans la Rue, La canne Vigny, Le baton, Savate Kickboxing) – Sydney, 2004


Western Martial Arts Seminar (Defense dans la Rue, La canne Vigny)  – Gold Coast, 2003

Japan and Friends Day Display (Defense dans la Rue, Savate Kickboxing, La canne Vigny, Le baton, fencing)  – Gold Coast, 2003


Savate Display ( Defense dans la Rue, Savate Kickboxing, La canne Vigny, Le baton) – Gold Coast 2002



Savate Seminar (Defense dans la Rue, La canne Vigny) – Tokyo, Japan 2002




Defense dans la Rue & la canne Vigny Seminar – Milan, Italy 2002


La canne Vigny Seminar – Gold Coast, 2002

Savate & la canne Class  – Houston, Texas, USA 2000

Womens self -defence class ,Gold Coast , Australia 1999

Savate &  La canne Vigny display held for the opening of the Gold Coast Alliance Française 1999

Savate seminar course held for the Queensland University  Martial Arts Club, Australia 1995

Savate seminar held for Nerang Jiu-jitsu Club, Australia 1993

Savate class held for Junior members of the Gold Coast Jiu- jitsu Club, Australia 1993

Academy members demonstrating foil fencing,- Gold Coast, Australia 1991

Savate class held for Junior Tigers Rugby Club- Gold Coast, Australia 1990

Savate seminar held for Gold Coast Jiu-jitsu club – Gold Coast, Australia 1989

Savate display held at World Expo – Brisbane, Australia 1988

Savate demonstration held for Gold Coast kickboxing show 1988

Savate Seminar held for Renbukan Karate Club- Gold Coast, Australia 1987